Whatever your business needs, we provide integrated e-
business solutions to help you, and the people who work for you,
maximize efficiency. Our products and services make it easier
for your team to do business with your customers, vendors, and

Our applications address the following business needs:

• ACI-Web business portal applications
Give your employees, customers, and business partners access
to the data, applications, and services they need via a Web
browser and see them work more efficiently with you.

• ACI-Report for analytics
A broad range of flexible, customizable reporting options—from
advanced consolidation analysis to simple reporting requests—
helps the decision-makers across your company transform data
into valuable information.

•ACI-Marketing Data Link for customer relationship management
From the first contact to after-sales service, Web-enabled
customer relationship management solutions help your sales,
marketing, and customer service teams track customer activity,
improve sales effectiveness, provide superior customer service,
and build profitable customer relationships.
A-Commerce Interactive Corp.